Rental conditions


You can pick up the car in Prague, or we will deliver it to you for a pre-agreed fee in front of the house.

The car will be handed over with a full tank and clean - ready for immediate use. The customer is obliged to return the car again with a full tank, or the refundable deposit will be reduced by the corresponding amount.

Handover is possible from 9:30 am and return by 5:00 pm. Possible individually by arrangement.
Upon acceptance, there will be a short training to operate the car - about 30 minutes.
Upon handover, a car rental contract is signed on the spot and the customer makes a deposit of CZK 30.000 in cash for Grand California 600 and CZK 20,000 in cash for California T4.


The driver must be 21 years of age and have held a group B driving license for at least 3 years. Two tenant's identity documents must be presented for rent - ID card and driver license). The car may only be driven by the main driver and the persons listed in the rental agreement as additional drivers (meeting the same criteria as the main driver).


Each car has compulsory insurance for damages caused by the operation of the car with a valid green card. The cars are also insured in an accident with a deductible of CZK 10,000 (in the case of California T4 with a deductible of 10%, but at least CZK 10,000) in the Czech Republic and Europe. The vehicle may not be traveled to the territory of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Serbia, Albania, and may not be transported to the islands. The deductible will be deducted from the deposit in the event of an insurance event. Damages that are not covered by the insurance are covered by the renter (e.g. in case of damage, loss of accessories, or intrusion by a stranger and theft of car accessories). Such damage will be deducted from the deposit. In the event that the amount of the security deposit does not cover the incurred damage or co-payment, the lessee is obliged to pay the difference within 7 working days.


After making a reservation on our website, the lessee will receive a binding offer for the reservation of the car by e-mail, together with business and reservation terms and conditions, as well as a sample rental agreement. The tenant will also be asked to pay a reservation fee of 50% of the total rent. If the lessee accepts the binding offer, he is bound by the reservation and business terms and conditions and is obliged to pay the deposit by transfer to the lessor's account within 3 working days. If the lessee does not do so, the reservation is terminated.

The additional payment from the rental price must be paid no later than 2 weeks before picking up the car to the lessor's account. The contract is signed on the day the car is picked up and is drawn up in 2 copies.


When handing over the car, the lessor pays a refundable deposit in the amount of CZK 30,000 (in the case of the California T4, it is CZK 20,000). The deposit is paid in cash upon acceptance. The deposit is used to pay for any damage that is not covered by insurance - e.g. various interior pollution, damage to equipment, etc.


Through the rental agreement that will be concluded with the lessee, we try to ensure that our vehicles are kept in excellent condition for as long as possible. This is so that you, as the renter, can enjoy the car experience as much as possible. We also want the car to be ready in time for the next renter who is in line with their reservation. Therefore, the contract contains some sanctions and fees, which are intended to confirm the fulfillment of the necessary obligations.

For example, it is stipulated that in the case of gross pollution of the car, the lessor charges a fine of up to CZK 5,000. It is also forbidden to smoke or transport live animals in the car under penalty of penalty.

The customer may not hand over the car, which is the subject of these Terms and Conditions, to a third party without the written consent of c4r. The driver is responsible for all offenses caused while operating the vehicle, which is the subject of these terms and conditions, during the term of the rental agreement. The customer is obliged to hand over the car to c4r by the time and date specified in the lease agreement. In the event of a later return of the car than agreed in the contract, the lessor charges a contractual penalty of up to CZK 5,000 for each 24-hour delay.

All fees and fines are set to match the conditions that are common in our country for motorhome rentals. As we stated above, our goal is to maintain the excellent quality of the cars in the future. The specified fines have a preventive purpose.


In the case of withdrawal from the reservation contract by the tenant, the lessor charges a termination fee of 50% of the total agreed rent in case of withdrawal from the contract 15 or more days before the agreed first day of rental, 100% of the total agreed rent in case of withdrawal from the contract 14 or less days before the agreed the first day of the rental. However, neither the lessee nor the lessor will be able to withdraw from the already concluded rental agreement, which we will conclude with you only when the car is handed over.


In the event of an accident, breakdown, theft of a car or intrusion of a third party, the lessee is obliged to immediately report any damage by telephone to c4r and in case of an accident, theft of a car or intrusion of a third party, the client is obliged to report the incident to the police. In the event of an accident, breakdown, natural disaster or theft, an extended assistance service is arranged for the vehicles.


Unlimited access included in the rental price. However, if the lessee drives the car more than 6,000 kilometers, we will charge a service fee of CZK 2,000.