About us

how it all began...
Our small car rental California4Rent was established during spring 2020. At the beginning, we just wanted a van for our own use, so we bought a VW California T4 Freestyle camper. The cost associated with owning such vehicle are not small, so we we bought it together. We too good care of her and really enjoyed our first summer with California. We realised it is a car, which can provide you with a limitless amount of fun and enjoyment.
"When more and more friends started asking, if they could borrow our California, we thought well - let`s buy another one, and started renting them 
And so it began..."
Selection of the Camper van
Volba California T4 s nesmrtelným motorem 2,5l TDi byla jasná. Jednak proto, že jeden z nás měl možnost vyzkoušet si radost z cestování obytňákem VW California T2 už jako malý kluk se svými rodiči. A ten druhý procestoval kus světa v Californii T4 hned několikrát. No a protože je CT4 nejlepší a nejspolehlivější z celé série doposud vyráběných a celosvětově oblíbených kompaktních obytných vozů, nebylo co řešit.

We love travelling. It is an important part of our lives. California is an adventure machine, your ticket to freedom and a temporary life-style. The adults feel like kids again and the kids will cherish sweet memories for their lives. We aim to make these cars available and affordable to everyone.

We do it, because we love it!

Bon voyage,

Rob and Filip

Why rent with us
We want to make sure that your travelling experience will be unforgettable. So we tuned both our cars and conditions to near perfect, so you can enjoy your ride from beginning to the end without any issues. We provide very friendly, straightforward service. Whether you plan your trip to a romantic sunset or an active adventure beneath the mountain tops, our California will carry you safely and with ease.
  • Regular service
  • Low fuel consumtion
  • Low costs for highways, ferries and camps
  • Full insurance
  • Camping gear
  • A choice of having the car delivered
  • Online Booking system
  • Low prices